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What is EN LETRA?


EN LETRA is an editorial forum specialized on social science (specially, Law) and based on the principles are independence, diversity and critical inquiry. Our purpose is to stimulate the intellectual production of future generations of men of Law (and other humanities) in order to facilitate the development of a democratic culture based on the academic debate of public affairs.

EN LETRA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization.


Since its foundation by former members of Lecciones y Ensayos (a Law journal published by the University of Buenos Aires) in 2013, EN LETRA has been governed by an Board of Editors integrated by graduates with awards and prolific careers. Its performance is assisted by a Board of Academics – distinct, prestigious professors, researchers and jurists with diverse institutional affiliation.


Established in February 2014, our main product is the academic journal named EN LETRA, which is carefully edited according to international academic standards such as:


  • every submitted article is refereed by a double blind, peer-review evaluation process;

  • it is issued periodically on a biannual basis (February and August);

  • the majority of its articles belong to external authors;

  • it is open and free to access;

  • all its content is subject to a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0);

  • it is indexed in e-revist@s and in the Open Academic Journals Index.


EN LETRA is an ambitious project. Our expectations for 2015 are to accelerate our institutionalization and deepen our academic indexation.


The latter implies for our authors that EN LETRA will provide a more significant publication of their articles – publications in indexed journals are better qualified in the context of academic applications.


Regarding institutionalization, the Editorial Council is currently taking the legal measures in order to establish a non-profit organization (NPO) under the form of an association. With more than 20 members, EN LETRA is growing – and this developing legal structure is nothing but the evidence of our determination.


Disclaimer: EN LETRA does not offer or provide any legal advice or services. In case you require any legal advice, please, contact an authorized professional.

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